18-Year Old High School Student Becoming Famous on the Net with his Free File Storage and Sharing Service

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18-Year Old High School Student Becoming Famous on the Net with his Free File Storage and Sharing Service

Huntingdon Valley, PA. (PRWEB) December 5, 2005 –

Nowadays the average Internet user is willing to find everything he needs right there on the computer. Because of this, the web business has greatly increased in volume. Technological improvement followed then, resulting in an influence in our daily life.

For this reason, having Multimedia Web Content such as high quality photos and videos is crucial to have success.

“Opening my website was quite a challenge. Now though, it has paid off and I’m receiving many emails a day from users, as well as business proposals. I cannot believe it!”, 18-year old Matthew Kenig said.

Matthew is a high school student, unknown to the rest of the world until today. He opened a free web site, in which he offers everyone free, online storage space, where you can store and share your files and your photo albums.

The innovation he introduced allows people to access their files from anywhere, so they do not need to email themselves their files anymore. For this reason, hundreds of college students, businessmen, and people overseas are using his free service to have their files always at hand.

“Webmasters are using my service to have Multimedia Content ready to be shared with their visitors; many people reported me that this increased their traffic a lot, because people loved their photos and videos, and also came back to watch them again. This resulted in increasing their Adsense revenue…amazing, isn’t it?” he added.

For more information on Matthew and his online service, or how to share your files and photo albums on the Internet, visit his site at http://www.gigmax.com.


Matthew Kenig




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